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Now you can finally live your day enjoying every moment, in autonomy.
Just few more steps and your FutureAge will be ready to accompany you in your daily life.


Look at the video tutorial!
(activate the subtitles CC)


Open the package and remove the FutureAge carefully. Charge your FutureAge with the USB-C cable found inside the packaging.


Download the D-Air lab app to your mobile phone from the App Store or Google Play.


Open the D-Air lab app and create your profile by entering your personal data.


Go to Contacts and set up the three telephone numbers that will be contacted in the event of an emergency. 


In the main screen of the app, check that the belt is connected (there should be a battery status indication)


Press the Lock/Unlock button and wait for the confirmation message


Remove the belt from the charging socket and check that the system performs the initialisation procedure (3 LED flashes the colour of the charging status, 2 white flashes and 1 white-green flash)


Put on and close FutureAge; wait for the end of the device preparation phase (white flashing for 1 minute and white-green at the end).
In this phase you can adjust the device around the hips; after that FutureAge will be ready to activate if it senses unusual movements, so move it gently.


Now you are ready to start your day safely and independently with FutureAge!

For further information on the use of FutureAge,
please refer to the Information Note in the packaging
or download it here