Intelligent clothing for running safety, weighing only 150g

D-one il gilet running anti aggressione che genera la chiamata d'emergenza
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The D-One project is developing new personal security clothing that helps the wearer feel secure in potentially dangerous situations such as an attack or emergency. Dedicated to runners it aims to help everyone feel safer while out running.

What is D-One?

A running vest designed with safety and security in mind that's able to send an e-call emergency call using your smartphone, and capable of identifying a fall followed by immobility to make a call automatically, also sending a geolocalised SMS text message.

“I train intensely to get the results I want, sometimes at night or in deserted areas. D-One is a useful tool that makes me feel safe”.

Elena Bellò,
Italian 800m Athletics Champion


e-call is a tool that can make all the difference in an emergency. The system simply needs to be linked to a smartphone to alert pre-set phone numbers in the event of an attack, making it possible to call for help at the touch of a button on the vest.


The system features accelerometers that constantly send data to the device’s electronic control unit, which is able to detect a fall followed by lack of movement using a sophisticated algorithm. If this happens, it will automatically send an emergency call and geolocalised SMS text message.


D-One doesn’t use traditional electric cables to connect the different components of its electronic system, but an innovative network of conductive filaments integrated in the structure of the vest, keeping it light and flexible. Even the way the filaments are connected to the cards uses a patented specially-developed technology, while the LEDs have been designed to integrate perfectly in the fabric structure. The ergonomics have thus been thought out in every detail, making the garment light and a pleasure to wear.


D-One features integrated LEDs to make the runner visible even in low light conditions. The LED lights can be activated and their intensity set using a smartphone app.

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The system first of all asks the user to link it to their smartphone (via Bluetooth) and enter their desired emergency contact phone numbers. This step is required to configure the device.
The app makes it easy to adjust the intensity of the LED lights as desired, depending on whether the user wants greater visibility or longer battery life.
This screen gives access to all the system configuration settings.
Whenever the e-call procedure is launched, whether by the user or automatically, the app waits for a few seconds before actually making the call, giving the user the option of stopping it if it was launched accidentally.
The app contains the latest version of the User Manual.
Run safe, run smart with D-One!