D-Air Lab, a vicentine start-up created by Lino Dainese, finds in “his” Vicenza (Italy) a new and unusual form of expression. Indeed, it is with the 75th Cycle of Classical Performances at the Teatro Olimpico, that D-air® airbag technology returns to the stage, after prestigious collaborations with luxury maisons to spread the culture of protection, on the occasion of the national premiere of Jean Cocteau’s “La Voix humaine,” at the Teatro Olimpico, directed by Giancarlo Marinelli, starring French actress Sophie Duez.

D-Air Lab is a start-up whose expertise comes from the well-established Dainese company, which has always been committed to body protection in sports. Founded in 2015 by Lino Dainese, D-Air Lab, designs and implements new applications of D-air® technology, the sophisticated airbag for personal protection. Today, the airbag technology refined by D-Air Lab makes everyday activities safer, protecting the elderly and workers at height in the event of a fall.

With its future-oriented and innovative spirit, D-Air Lab found in the Municipal Theater of Vicenza the propensity for artistic experimentation and the search for new communicative stimuli. The dialogue thus born between the world of innovation in the protective sphere and that of Culture and Art, has brought to light joint values and extremely topical conversations, materialized in the performance staged on October 14, 15 and 16, 2022 at the Olympic Theater.

Airbag technology dresses the protagonist during her intense monologue, celebrating her transformation into the heroine of tragedy. The worlds of technology and culture merge and dress vulnerability to make the character stronger and more self-aware.

Thus the “armor” with which the protagonist equips herself (and which everyone deep down would like to have), also becomes a symbol of the culture of protection spread by D-Air Lab.

In ‘La Voix humaine,’ the suggestiveness of the live performance and the innovative power of D-Air Lab’s leaders are expressed by generating a powerful message, made unforgettable by the emotions aroused during the performance.

Image courtesy of DIOR