Intelligent clothing designed specifically to protect seniors that weighs just 950g

Protected in
142 ms
Future Age is a wearable airbag that we're developing to protect seniors from falls

What is Future Age?

Future Age is equipped with sensors that relay the wearer's movements, which are monitored using a sophisticated algorithm to detect a fall and inflate an airbag before they make contact with the ground.
At the same time, it automatically makes emergency calls to a series of pre-set phone numbers, such as those of a relative, for example, so that they can take action if necessary.


Future Age video

Falls send more than 5 million seniors to emergency wards every year. Future Age has been designed to provide a wearable solution to this problem.

How it works

Future Age is worn like a normal vest. The system switches on as soon as the vest is put on, constantly monitoring the wearer’s movements and checking for fall situations. If a fall is verified, it sends the triggering signal to the airbag, which inflates in 100 milliseconds, protecting the wearer before they make contact with the ground.

What it protects

The areas protected are the head of the femur, the hips, backbone, shoulders and head. The device has been designed to protect the most critical areas which are most likely to be injured in a fall.

Automatic emergency call

Future Age automatically alerts the pre-set phone numbers using e-call, a system that links the device to the user’s smartphone to send the call. What’s more, the wearer is also geolocalised using GPS so that help can reach them as soon as possible.


Future Age

This project is currently in the developmental stage. Our team are working to create a device that is both protective and a pleasure to wear. The main focus areas of our research are the sensors, fall identification algorithms and pneumatic system with lightweight airbags.
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