Intelligent clothing designed to protect workers from falls

Protected in
150 ms
WorkAir is an innovative item of Personal Protective Equipment based on airbag technology designed specifically for workers. It can be used at any height together with a harness and if used at heights for which a harness is not required, deploys the airbag for falls of 1.2m and above.

What is WorkAir?

WorkAir brings workers the airbag technology Dainese originally developed for motorcyclists, motorcycle racers and alpine ski athletes. Technology that's proven its effectiveness time and time again. So much so, that it's now compulsory to use airbags in MotoGP races.

What it protects

WorkAir protects the chest and back. The body is subjected to massive forces in a fall. WorkAir reduces the impact force transferred by over 60%.

This extraordinary result is achieved thanks to the exclusive structure of the airbag, which features numerous internal filaments that link both walls to offer better force absorption. What’s more, the airbag assumes an ergonomic shape that curves around the body when inflated, further improving the protective capacity of the device.

Use scenarios

WorkAir can be used without a harness when working at heights for which a harness is not required (less than 2m) or beneath a harness for work at height.

In the first scenario, the device protects against impact with the ground or objects located below the work area and can be worn over normal work clothing.

In the second scenario (from 2m up), the impact could be from the worker swinging against structures below the work area. In this scenario, WorkAir can be worn under the harness which should, however, in all circumstances be worn.

D-Air Lab and specialised Occupational Medicine professors have carried out a series of tests to verify that inflation under a harness doesn’t exert excessive pressure on the body.


The system is equipped with accelerometers that send data to the electronic control unit, which constantly analyses them using a sophisticated algorithm developed in conjunction with the Polytechnic University of Milan. This algorithm is able to detect fall conditions and trigger inflation in 150 milliseconds.
Worker fall dynamics simulations were used to develop the algorithm and hundreds of hours of “normal” work were analysed to ensure no false positives are generated.

How you use it

WorkAir is worn like a normal vest and switched on by fastening the buttons at the bottom on the front.

When the LED comes on, its colour (red, orange or green) indicates the battery charge level.

The electronic control unit is easy to remove from its compartment for recharging.

The user is immediately informed of any malfunction by an electronic vibrating alert and the LED constantly flashing red.

WorkAir can be cleaned after removing the electronic control unit, carefully following all the instructions in the User Manual.


WorkAir is currently undergoing certification as Personal Protective Equipment. However, since WorkAir is the very first airbag for workers, there are currently no dedicated standards for this type of protection. D-Air Lab is consequently working with a leading Notified Body which has developed a specification to enable the certification of this innovative protective system.

To mitigate the feeling of warmth during use in high temperatures, the airbag is lined with an air mesh fabric for improved air flow between the WorkAir and body.

D-Air Lab + Enel

This project dates back to 2016 and the mutual determination of D-Air Lab and ENEL to answer the need for work at height protection expressed by those dedicated to improving worker protection.
This marked the beginning of the WorkAir project, which progressed through the design of a series of prototypes, each evaluated and tested with ENEL, leading up the current configuration. Initially launched with ENEL's Thermal Generation Division, all the Italian multinational's divisions are now involved in the project. Read the Press Release
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