The WorkAir range, airbags certified as PPE for the protection of workers at height, has been enriched with a further version and now includes three models.

The D-Air lab laboratories have implemented range and functionality of this device by creating WorkAir “Back” characterized by specific protection for the back area.

This model is added to the line that already includes the “Original” versions – the first of this new generation of PPE – and “Light”, the version characterized by a more compact and open structure, particularly suitable for work situations that require a harness.

The new “Back” version, presented for the first time at the Dusseldorf “A+A” Fair in October 2023, is dedicated to the protection of the back and therefore of the spinal column and, thanks to the particular construction of the pneumatic part, in the event of a fall it unfolds to also cover the neck and coccyx.

WorkAir Back can be used in synergy with the PPE for work at heights required by law, but it is especially dedicated to workers who work at heights for which the use of fall arrest devices is not required and in all those cases in which the dynamics of fall is mostly backwards. Always useful, it becomes ideal for jobs that take place below 2 m in height such as electricians, painters, construction workers, upholsterers, antenna fitters.

WorkAir Back maintains the main features of the range:

  • Category II PPE certification: the first airbag for the protection of workers at height certified with Category II PPE.
  • Ergonomic: comfortable, easy to use and very light, in fact it weighs less than 1 kg.
  • Reusable: the device is reusable as the airbags and gas generators with which it is equipped are replaceable after activation.
  • Reliable: the battery lasts about 20 hours of continuous use, it recharges in about 2 hours with a USB C connector.

Discover the range or buy your WorkAir on the D-Air lab shop!