The Dainese Archive (DAR) encapsulates Dainese’s ever-evolving entrepreneurial history: an adventure in protection that tells of men, technology, ideas and innovation. From the origins in 1972 of the Dainese company to the development of airbags for body protection, culminating in D-Air Lab‘s foundation in 2015, whose goal is to spread the culture of protection from sports (such as skiing and motorcycling) to people’s daily lives.

The DAR is thus the treasure chest that contains the story of D-Air Lab’s distinctive skills, developed over 50 years of history and encapsulated in the concept of Intelligent Clothing: the ability to effectively control air; the ability to develop algorithms that guide the proper functioning of devices; the ability to make ergonomic garments and the ability to make them “beautiful” through careful design study; and finally, the ability to make and industrialize products intelligently, making very different materials coexist (the intelligence of hand).

The DAR was created to keep track of developments that have led to technical and technological advances in the field of human body protection. In the wake of this intent, the D-Air Lab portion of the Archives is renewed, updating its image and prospectus of projects developed and under development. These include WorkAir and FutureAge the products already on the market that integrate airbag technology into garments for the protection of workers at height and elderly or mobility-impaired people at risk of falling, respectively. Also present will be Antarctica, one of D-Air Lab’s best-known and best-loved projects: a suit designed to protect scholars from Antarctic cold as low as -80°C. To get to projects currently in the testing and development phase: SKB and E-touch. One, dedicated to the protection of the skier’s knee, is designed to recognize and correct abnormal torsions of the tibia with respect to the femur that can lead to ligament ruptures; the other, which studies and develops the integration of technology and the human body, expanding the possibilities of the body and movement through the support of biomedical engineering.

The DAR is located in Vicenza, Italy, next to the D-Air Lab headquarters, and is open to the public on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., for all those who wish to trace the history of protection on two wheels and peek at the future of protection in everyday life.